Celebrating International Women’s Day

Charmlite Co., Ltd. is an international trading company specializing in exporting all kinds of plastic wine glasses, water bottles, yard cups, sluch cups, Daiquiri yards and coffee cups. The company has it’s own factory and has a high-quality professional marketing team. The business covers all countries in the world, including US, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, and other countries. On International Women's Day, Charmlite launched a series of activities to celebrate March 8th Women's Day, to inspire the dedication and achievements of female employees based on their positions, and to enhance the communication and cooperation between employees. Let female employees spend a fulfilling, enjoyable, and meaningful half-day tour.


On Women's Day, David Yu sent the sweetest love to our female employees - roses and chocolates. The ladies in Charmlite are confident and independent. Whether they are experienced leaders or newcomers entering the society, they have used their wisdom and abilities to bring infinite possibilities to Charmlite. This small gifts  make them feel warm and caring. Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

The flower language of roses is: passion, happiness, and loyal love. Charmlite female employees create their own happiness with their own hands, be content and motivated, and enjoy freedom and happy life.

Charmlite gather at Yuelai Fudongshan Seafood to enjoy the delicious food.


In March, spring is full of joy. The Charmlite staff started a half-day outing activity and internet-famous site. Known as the "Dongdu Niutou Mountain", it is a popular scenic spot in Xiamen. Enjoying the spring scenery, taking a photo with the Haicang Bridge, and a distant view of Xiamen's largest port container terminal.

Don't be defined by age, no matter what age we are, we have own unique charm.


Enjoy the sunset at Bailuzhou


Post time: Mar-18-2022