• Charmlite Gathering Trip in Zhejiang

    Charmlite Gathering Trip in Zhejiang

    Charmlite has a gathering trip in Zhejiang from Jun.25th to Jun. 28th. This is really a very interesting and impressive travelling, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and tasted the delicious food, though we need wear the masks during the trip because of Coronavirus. 1st D...
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  • 2020 Online Canton Fair

    2020 Online Canton Fair

    Charmlite has attended the 127th Canton Fair which opened from 15th, June and ends on 24th, June. It’s very special because the Canton Fair, also known as the China Import and Export Fair, has been moved to the cloud for the first time since its inception 63 years ago. ...
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  • Expert Wine Tips: How To Spot High Quality Glassware

    Expert Wine Tips: How To Spot High Quality Glassware

    Wine glasses are a big part of the culture and theatre of wine – one of the first things you notice about a fine dining restaurant, particularly a western-style one – is the glassware on the table. If a friend hands you a glass of wine on your way into a party, the quality of the glass she hands ...
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  • 2019 Autumn Canton Fair & Hong Kong Lifestyle Show

    2019 Autumn Canton Fair & Hong Kong Lifestyle Show

    In October 2019, Charmlite Co., ltd. attended two business shows: 2019 Autumn Canton Fair & Hongkong Global Sources Lifestyle show. 581 Customers from 57 different countries visited our booth.  ...
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  • One-week Travel To Thailand

    One-week Travel To Thailand

    Charmlite has an annual trip for "family gathering". In November 2019, we went to Thailand to experience Thai culture and customs of this mysterious country. Bring your wallet and carry your luggage, let’s go~ ...
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  • 2019 Spring Canton Fair

    2019 Spring Canton Fair

    Talking face to face enhance our understanding for each other. Old friends are delighted to have a nice chat after so many times cooperation, new customer are happy to see new friends with good opportunity to work together. ...
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  • Our Team

    Our Team

    Enjoying the time together, sharing with each other, the wonderful life is the motivation for us to provide professional solutions to our partners and clients. ...
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