Charmlite Gathering Trip in Zhejiang

Charmlite has a gathering trip in Zhejiang from Jun.25th to Jun. 28th. This is really a very interesting and impressive travelling, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and tasted the delicious food, though we need wear the masks during the trip because of Coronavirus.

1st Day in Hangzhou, we visited Hu Xueyan's former residence and walked at Hefang Street which is the famous ancient street with local special snacks.


2nd Day in Qiandao Lake located in Chun'an County, it’s famous for thousand islands with amazing natural scenery.


3rd Day in Wuzhen, which is a very famous ancient millennium town and called the last resting-on-water town in China.

In Wuzhen, watercourses and flagstone streets extend in all directions and intercross here and there. When it rains, Wuzhen looks like a Chinese ink painting with its black tiles and timber framework houses.


If Wuzhen in the daytime gives you the original taste of water town, it brings you a totally different flavor in night.


4th day in Hangzhou, we took a boat tour on West Lake and walked around several famous sceneries of West Lake. Finally we climbed up the Leifeng Tower to have a panoramic view of the West Lake.


After then we visited The Beijing-Hangzhou grand canal, which is a 1,700-kilometer-long water conservancy project in ancient China. It begins at Beijing and ends at Hangzhou. It is the longest canal in China as well as in the world.


It’s really a pleasant trip with wonderful memories. Working together to get more orders of plastic cups and looking forward to next new trip!


Post time: Jul-24-2020